Kim Nordsiden, LMT


Good morning! Just sharing some great and exciting news. Lacey, Brian and the boys are moving back from Virginia to Winner, where Brian will be a PA at the Avera clinics in Winner and Gregory! Until their house sells, they will be living with us, so in order to make a little more room, I am putting everything on sale. All of my lamps are already marked down and over the next week, everything will be marked down. I will definitely get more lamps, etc., in this fall, but for now, the extra room will come in handy. If you have always wanted a lamp, now is the time! I have one salt lamp left, as well as rose quartz, clear quartz, agate, selenite and amethyst. Give me a call at 605-842-0586 if you would like to stop and shop! Have an awesome day!!! ... (And yes, I will continue doing massage,... except for the time I take to play with the grandsons! )